Low Credit Score Home Loan

Low Credit Home Loan for Foreign National


A Brazilian man, working in tech in the U.S., whose funds for the down payment were held overseas and who had limited U.S. credit, came to me for a loan to purchase a condominium.

As a foreign national temporarily working here but not a U.S. citizen, he had only a few domestic accounts listed on his credit report. Even though he did not have an H1B visa or a Green Card, I was able to get him into a loan to help him purchase his new primary residence in Orange County.

Refinance Pays Off Debt


A homeowner with a family of four came to me sinking in credit card debt, and concerned that he might lose his house in Pleasanton.

Due to his high credit card balances, his credit score was very low, at 640.

I was able to help him refinance his debts by tapping increased property values in the current market.

We rolled his balances into a new increased mortgage using an FHA loan (Federal Housing Administration) — saving him $2100/month, making it possible for him to keep his home that he had been living in with his family for the past 12 years.