Expert California Mortgage Consultant

I’ve been in the mortgage industry over 20 years, so I’m acutely aware of its inner workings, the trends, and the lending practices of banks versus brokers. I’m in this business to steer clients in the right direction and make a difference for home buyers in this tough California market. I work as an independent agent with the nationally licensed C2 Financial Corporation, one of the largest mortgage brokers in California and the U.S. I’m also a California licensed real estate agent since 1998.

I encourage you to take advantage of the resources on my site to educate yourself (or call me!) before getting into the clutches of a company offering instant online rate quotes!

Vic Joshi California Mortgage Broker

Buying a Home in California?

It’s easy to understand why. If you are buying here, you’ll end up with a much better result if you get expert guidance from a California mortgage broker before you commit to a loan.

California’s economy, geography, and the diversity that makes us unique make it a coveted — if not inexpensive — place to live.

Here are some hot areas where we have been able to help buyers finance their homes in California: