Looking for Property Investments

Many of my clients are repeat customers, property owners who’ve purchased multiple properties as second homes, vacation homes, or rental properties. Building a trusted longterm relationship with a mortgage consultant who knows you well can really expedite your loan processes.

Relocating in California: Buying and Selling

You might relocate to downsize, upsize, move to a new job, or retire. In any situation, if you get help on both ends of a relocation mortgage transaction, you can do it with less stress and complexity. An expert California home mortgage consultant on your side can coordinate the timing of transactions and get the loan you need to fit your circumstance. Without that worry, you can focus on what’s going on in your life rather than on your loan documents.

Refinancing: Using Your Home Equity

Whether the goal is home improvement, debt consolidation, reinvesting in your portfolio, or additional real estate, we have loan programs available for property owners to tap into the equity of a home. For a look at the many options, see Refinance Your Home Mortgage.